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About Cakenote

What is Cakenote?

Cakenote is a cake business management web application platform. At it’s core, it’s a tool you can use to visually design and price cakes. Cakenote is built on the idea of itemisation so every aspect of your cake design comes with specific costing and pricing settings so you can focus on designing your cakes and let Cakenote calculate costing and selling price automatically as you add elements. 

These are just some of it’s features…

  • Design cakes by combining individual elements on a canvas.
  • Choose from a growing library of assets that will include a wide range of boards, cake sizes, decorations, construction elements as well as textiles and patterns.
  • Automatically price your cake as you design it.
  • Add your very own elements to be used for cake designs.
  • Automatically calculate the number of servings of your design based on predefined portion sizes.
  • Save designs as templates to be used on other designs.
  • Automatically calculate flavour and coating pricing based on cake volume.
  • Create orders with printable tags for easy kitchen operation.
  • Manage Ingredients and Recipes.
  • Visually create your own Layered Cake and its automatically calculated recipe for your chosen cake size.
  • and much more…

Cakenote will be an on going project for us and we will continue to develop it and make it as good as we possibly can.


Who’s behind Cakenote?

Cakenote was created by Serdar Yener & Serkan Yener. The same father and son team that created Yeners Way Cake Art Tutorials and Yeners Cake Tips Youtube Channel. We felt that the cake decorating industry needed a good solution for designing and pricing cakes and we thought we would try to fill that gap with Cakenote. While trying to keep things as simple and as user friendly as possible, we incorporated the same concepts and principles that we used running a cake shop for 20+ years, into Cakenote.